Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, it can be embarrassing for you and feel uncomfortable. Rathmines Dental Clinic can replace missing teeth and bring back your smile.

Replacing missing teeth (implants)

An implant is a way of replacing a missing tooth by using a titanium screw in the jaw bone to hold a porcelain crown. They can be used to replace from one tooth to a full dentition. Implants have been around for over 20 years and are very reliable.
Implants do not work well in certain situations i.e. if you do not have enough jaw bone in an area or if you are a smoker. The huge advantage of am implant is that it does not affect the teeth either side of a space when replacing a single tooth.
Rathmines Surgery

Getting used to new dentures

Your new dentures will normally take a lot of getting used to. Your gums will be sore for a couple of weeks – this is normal. The best way to help the gums to harden is to rinse with warm salty water four times a day with the dentures out. Use one teaspoonful of salt to a glass of warm water and rinse for one full minute each time.

Sometimes a particular area can be very sore – if this does not settle down within a week it is probably part of the denture digging into the gum too much.

Contact us at the practice and we will get you to come in so that the dentist can shave down that part of the denture. Most people need their new denture trimmed at least once to ease sore spots.

Eating and speaking will also take getting used to. You will feel strange talking at first but in the vast majority of cases people sound exactly the same and you only need to get used to the dentures.

Do not expect to be eating and chewing hard food immediately. Build up from soft foods slowly to suit yourself.

It is usually recommended that you remove new dentures for eating for the first week until your gums start to get accustomed to the dentures.

What foods can be eaten with dentures depend on the individual – some people can’t get on with hard or chewy foods and some can.

Looking after your dentures

It is very important to look after your denture properly or you can get gum infections that can be painful and cause bad breath. Any other teeth remaining can be damaged and lost also.

Your denture(s) should be taken out all night every night and left in a denture disinfectant.

All dentures absorb water and bacteria – these must be all killed. The gums must be allowed to recover overnight, having your dentures in all the time is like leaving shoes and socks on all the time (only much worse).

You should brush your denture regularly with a soft toothbrush.

No one enjoys going to the dentist but Dr McEniff takes the stress away for me and my family. His excellent and comforting manner is beyond reproach.

Niall, Caitriona, Aisling (7 yrs), and Orlagh (5 yrs), Cabinteely

I have been a patient of Brian’s since he first started in Rathmines. I have always been put at ease by his friendly and considerate ways and the Dental work has always been of the highest standard. All my own and my extended family now see him.

Liam, Terenure

Dr McEniff has being looking after my own and my family’s teeth for over six years and we are all very happy with the treatment provided. His emphasis has always being on prevention and any time work has been done he has made it very easy. None of us worry about going to see him.

Niall, Rathmines

I have been a patient at the Rathmines Dental Practice for 5 years and I found it to be very professional and efficient. I have recently started to bring my children and they have benefited from the relaxed atmosphere and level of service. I would personally recommend the clinic for high quality dental work and its excellent service.

Michael, Ranelagh

I have attended Brian McEniff’s dental surgery in Rathmines for over four years now. The standards of customer service are extremely courteous and professional at all times. Brian is obviously a very experienced dentist and I consider the treatment I have received to be as good as it gets. In particular Brian’s willingness to discuss any problems and options for treatment is very reassuring.

Aiden, Blessington

I can’t recommend this Dental Practice enough. From the moment you walk in the door there is such a friendly atmosphere. Brian, Lynne and Amy are a fantastic team. They have helped me overcome my fear and always make me feel at ease. I am so glad that these guys were recommended to me through a friend. They are professional and excellent at their job. Wishing them many more years of success.

Tracey Kavanagh